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Woah! that little boo has been looking for this post everywhere!

I don't have anything to give you though.

Maybe you could tell me that you found it.
luigi doesnt messing aroun d

luigi doesnt messing aroun d

Is there an easier way to access all of the Boos without scrolling through your whole tumblr? Do you have them consolidated on a website or anything?

Yeah man there’s a navigation menu to the left chock-full of junk.


Clicking the little boo or My Art takes you to the peekingboo tag where I post anything that I have personally created or edited in some way.

That third icon along goes to my DeviantArt page, you can also check me out on YouTube to the left of it if you weren’t aware I had one.

If it’s just the Super Smash Boos that you want to focus on; every post has a link to the tag which will allow you access to every other Smash Boo that has been made so far. They also fall under the regular peekingboo tag.

As for finding just individual boos on their own I will admit that I haven’t tagged a lot of my posts with just the word boo, I’ll probably get around to it at some stage but in the mean time you’ll probably find them under the nintendo or gaming tags, or on DeviantArt.

I <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 you

Thanks, man!

I think I messaged you like a year ago because I saw you used GrooveNights on ITG.